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Helping Specification Development Projects

Drive Adoption of Open Source and Standards


Projects Hosted With Joint Development Foundation

Start a Project

Use our legal agreements and our 501(c)6 corporate structure to start your specification and source code projects quickly and at no cost.  The Joint Development Foundation provides you with a “consortium in a box.”

The Joint Development Foundation provides the corporate and legal infrastructure to enable groups to quickly establish and operate lightweight collaborations to develop technical specifications, standards, and source code.  Joint Development Foundation Projects are ideal for specification development projects or as a place to do incubation projects before taking those projects to a larger standards organization.

By using established Joint Development Foundation legal agreements, groups can establish projects quickly and with minimal legal expense.  By operating under the Joint Development Foundation’s legal umbrella, Projects can enjoy of the benefits of the Joint Development Foundation’s existing legal agreements, choice of intellectual property policies, non-profit status, and corporate structure.  This enables Projects to more easily establish themselves, collect funds, issue press releases in the Project’s name, develop liaison relationships, and hold copyrights, all without negotiating custom agreements and new corporate organizations.



Your project can be up and running quickly by taking advantage of the Joint Development Foundation’s agreements.


Projects can choose from a range of Joint Development Foundation industry-standard intellectual property policies.

Corporate Infrastructure

Many specification development collaborations are based on multi-party contracts.  This makes it difficult to do a number of things like collecting money and holding copyrights and trademarks.  By operating a project under the Joint Development Foundation, projects can take advantage of the benefits of an incorporated entity without needing to incorporate themselves.

It’s Free*

There’s no cost to start and run your project under the Joint Development Foundation.  If you’d like additional services, like bank accounts, project management, or help with meeting logistics, we can help with you obtain those services at an additional cost.  Any proceeds will go to help fund the Joint Development Foundation.

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