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Start a Project

A Project is the group formed under the Joint Development Foundation or its Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC subsidiary, and has its own independent governance, identity, and scope of work.

By operating under the Joint Development Foundation’s legal umbrella, Projects can enjoy of the benefits of Joint Development Foundation’s existing legal agreements, choice of intellectual property policies, non-profit status, and corporate structure.  This enables Projects to more easily establish themselves, collect funds, issue press releases in the Project’s name, develop liaison relationships, and hold copyrights, all without negotiating custom agreements and new corporate organizations.


Forming Your Project

Step 1

Contact Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC at to discuss your Project.

Step 2

If it’s a good fit, Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC will create the legal entity for your Project.  Technically, it will be series under Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC.

Step 3

Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC will then provide you with a Project Charter and Working Group Charter(s) for your Project to complete. The Project Charter establishes the Project and includes the governance and legal terms for the Project and the Project’s underlying Working Groups. Each Project may then complete one or more Working Group Charters, which establishes the scope and intellectual property terms for each work stream under the Project.
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Step 4

Get To Work!