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There are lots of ways to collaborate with others to create technical specifications and standards.  If an existing standards body meets your needs, you can sign up to that organization and take advantage of its rules and infrastructure.

But while there’s a clear and established path to start work via established organizations like OASIS, W3C, and ISO/IEC, starting a independent specification development project or pre-standardization incubation activities that benefit from focused memberships, lightweight processes, and the desire to work with a select group has required negotiating custom legal agreements.

Negotiating these custom agreements is time consuming and expensive.  The Joint Development Foundation was formed to provide an alternative that provides projects with a path to start projects quickly while still having the advantages of a 501(c)6 corporation.

By using the Joint Development Foundation’s agreements and 501(c)6 corporate structure, your project can use the Foundation’s industry-standard documents without creating your own.  This means that starting your own independent project is fast and easy.

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