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Joint Development Foundation to co-host first CHIPS R&D Standards Summit with industry leaders 

By August 25, 2023Announcement

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the role of standards in driving innovation and ensuring quality can’t be overstated. To that end, the Joint Development Foundation, a neutral and non-profit home to important industry-driven open standards such as AV1, SPDX, C2PA, and more, is proud to co-host the upcoming CHIPS Research and Development (R&D) Standards Summit alongside CHIPS Research and Development Office (CHIPS R&D Office), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI), IPC International, the Joint Development Foundation (JDF), the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Program (NITRD), the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO), SEMI North America, and the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).  

The summit will bring together industry leaders in the semiconductor and microelectronics space to discuss opportunities for standards-driven innovation, incubating and accelerating ideas across industry, academia, and government, providing training and education, and enabling a standards-capable workforce. The summit signifies a strong commitment to excellence and collaboration in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry and a community-driven approach to exploring its future.

Why you should attend

The CHIPS R&D Standards Summit is the first point on a roadmap of innovation, cooperation, investment, and engagement in standards for this economically-critical industry. Industry leaders and standards development experts will come together to discuss:

  • A Platform for Innovation: The summit brings together thought leaders from across the globe to shape the future of semiconductor and microelectronics standards. It’s a chance to be part of defining the industry’s trajectory.
  • Global Collaboration: With options to attend in person or virtually, the summit ensures that insights and contributions worldwide are integral to the discussions.
  • Education and Training Opportunities: From incubators to accelerators, the summit explores innovative ways to enable standards at the pace of innovation, providing educational and training opportunities.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Workforces: The summit aims to build a diverse, standards-capable workforce, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.
  • A Future of Excellence: The summit is a stepping stone towards a future where participants observe and actively shape standards.

Be part of the future

The CHIPS R&D Standards Summit is an ideal opportunity to to actively participate in, collaborate on, and influence the future of standards development within the semiconductor and microelectronics industry.

Visit the CHIPS R&D Standards Summit event page to learn more.

Join us on September 26 and 27, and let’s shape the future together.